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L080 School of Leadership 101

Didasko Academy in collaboration with World Outreach

About This Course

The Leadership 101 course covers the basic areas of a leader’s formation and development, and will inspire you how to train other leaders and build them into effective leadership teams.

After laying the biblical foundations of Christian leadership, the course covers the basic practices, character qualities and personal management skills necessary in the formation and development of Christian leaders. Upon these building blocks, the course then covers the critical area of how to disciple and develop leaders, then build them into effective leadership teams. Aside from being grounded in Scripture, the course is highly practical and full of helpful guidelines, ideas and principles.

This course has 3 series, described below. If you wish to see a detailed outline of the course, click on the blue “View Course” button above.

Series 1: Foundations of leadership

This introductory series covers the foundations on which effective Christian leadership is built and sustained. Two fundamental principles of this series are that Jesus radically changed Christian leadership through His model of servant leadership, and that leaders primarily lead from the inside-out (incarnational), and not from the top-down (hierarchical).

Series 2: Personal management of Christian leaders

In this practical series, the crucial area of a leader’s self-management is addressed by looking at the following areas:

  • Managing our time
  • Managing our tongue
  • Managing stress
  • Managing finances
  • Managing our temper
  • Managing criticism
  • Managing our sexual desires

Series 3: Developing leaders and building teams

This important series addresses the critical area of how to disciple and develop leaders, how to build teams and how to foster relationships and harmonious working relationships on the team. Discipling and developing leaders is intentional, relational, and a central priority for all ministry leaders.

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No previous courses are needed before doing this one.

However, we do recommend that you do the 0010 How to use Didasko course first. It helps you become familiar with all the components of the online courses.

Estimated time commitment for completing this course: 15-20 hours


The course is self-paced, and you can go through the content at your own pace when you choose to do so. There are three series, and in each series you will find videos, discussion opportunities, and activities.

To receive a digitally signed certificate you have to successfully complete the quiz for each series.

Course Staff

Pastor Bruce Hills

Instructor and Course Developer

Pastor Bruce has been in full-time Christian ministry for over 37 years and brings a wealth of experience and wisdom. He is known and respected around Australia for his prophetic and insightful preaching. One well-known Christian leader in Asia described him as having the "precision of a teacher, but the fire of a prophet." For nine years (2000-2009), Bruce pastored one of Australia’s largest churches, which is now Hillsong Brisbane.

Bruce has a Bachelor of Ministry, Master of Arts in Theology and is in the process of completing his PhD. He currently serves as International Director of World Outreach, a missions agency operating in over thirty countries. Bruce has been married to Fiona for 38 years and has three grown children and two grandchildren. They live in Melbourne, Australia.

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